Financial Freedom Matrix

Your Financial Freedom is closer than you think!

Access your free, budgeting spreadsheet and 60 minute guide video to calculate your personalized Financial Freedom target. See how close you are to your goal...know where you stand to begin your path to financial freedom!


  • The Financial Freedom Matrix: calculate your custom financial freedom target and exact monthly and annual budgets to reach it
  • Video guided: a 60 minute guide explaining the Matrix and Financial Freedom approach.
  • Tips to tighten your budget: begin improving your current financial situation, fast.

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Are you Financially Free?

Are you Financially Free?

Even before the pandemic in 2019, 40% of Americans were only one missed paycheck away from poverty (link to: CBS/Prosperity Now: 

Many Americans live month to month with little or no savings, and we don’t believe the worst part of this economic downturn has happened yet.

Our school systems fail to teach about money: budgeting, investing, saving, etc. Our Financial Freedom Matrix helps fill those gaps and get you on a better financial path, especially in this uncertain economy.

Meet Bryce Robertson, Principal of Cultiv8 Collective 

Bryce Has

  • Raised over $10M of private investment capital.
  • Accrued over $20M worth of assets under management.
  • Built a private investment group directly investing in over $250M worth of investments
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