“Learn how I went from a negative net worth to financially free in 2.5 years” - Bryce Robertson

Novemeber 12th & 13th

@ 9:00AM to 6:00PM EST
I’m going to share with you, Financial Freedom wisdom that took me 10+ Years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire.
It took me 2.5 years to go from negative net worth to financially free. 

At the same time, due to the nature of how I set myself up, I simultaneously achieved time freedom and location freedom. 

Collectively I call this the “Freedom Trinity”.

Upon living the Freedom Trinity my wife and I were able to turn a 3-week surf trip in Costa Rica, into a spontaneous 6-month, 20-country world tour and while touring I launched new investments, launched a best-selling book, and created even more cash flow and net worth. 

People have been begging me to teach them how to create financial freedom in their lives. 

And now (after an overwhelming amount of requests), I’m going to share all my knowledge and freedom hacks over 2 action-packed days to help you live Financially Free.

And it’s applicable specifically to today's environment, taking into consideration the macroeconomic environment that I expect to unfold over the coming years. 

You will NOT find this information packaged like this anywhere else. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll be unpacking:
Financial Freedom Explained
What is Financial Freedom and Why it's importnant to you
Calculate your Financial Freedom target
Find Your Financial Freedom Number
Types of income & profit
Understand Income and Profitibility 
3 main ways to generate wealth
The most common ways to generate wealth
Removing debt
Understanding different types of debt and removing bad debt
Retirement accounts
Maximizing Your Retirement Account Potential  
Macro Economics 101
Understanding Macro Economics and the Banking System
How to survive and thrive with what’s coming
What we call "Thrivival"
20+ investmentS
Investment types that are performing well in today's economic environment
Create Your Own Customized Financial Freedom Action Plan to get you Financially Free ASAP!

About Bryce Robertson:
Bryce Robertson 
“Achieves grace by triumphing over adversity”

A native of Australia, Bryce dropped out of high school with no knowledge of business or entrepreneurship at the time. After a few years in the underground gold mines and 6 years of world travel, Bryce met the love of his life, and planted his feet firmly in the USA. 

From there, Bryce turned a negative net worth, $2,000 and unseasoned credit into financial freedom in 2.5 years. During the process he created order, peace and prosperity in his life and in the lives of those around him. 

Through his respect for the power of money, Bryce leads the Cultiv8 Collective Inner Circle by investing to create FREEDOM!

With a strong desire to enhance physical and mental toughness, Bryce enjoys challenging himself in outdoor adventure sports and athletic endurance competitions. Bryce loves traveling and adventuring with his wife and their dogs, and expresses his creativity through drumming.

Bryce along with industry leading experts, inspire and empower “Freedom Hackers” to live in true fulfillment, living their soul's purpose, and expressing their FREEDOM through the video-cast and podcast Freedom Hack Radio.

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